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Double Sided Transparent Adhesive Grip Tape Sticky Anti-Slip Reusable Removable Washable

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  • Strong viscosity, high toughness acrylic, strong tensile resistance, transparent double-sided tape, washable, reused, safe, non-toxic, used in many aspects of life.
  • Don't worry about tearing, it leaves no marks when you remove them, and don't worry about damage to walls and objects.
  • Washable and Reusable, wash it and it will restore stickiness, reuse, tape stained with dust, viscosity weakened, do not need detergent, just tear off and rinse with water and dry it, can be reused. With the heart shear, good fixation, can be applied to many aspects of life.
  • It can be cut into any size and length, and it can be stretched, bend, and folded shapes to meet your needs. Suitable for smooth hard surfaces, such as tiles, marble, glass, metal, plastic, wood and so on.
  • Easy to use, just clean the adhesive surface, ensure clean and tidy, then cut the tape to the right size, and then stick the tape to the surface, and tear off the surface film, it will be fixed to the adhesive tape and stick firmly with lightly pressure.